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It would seem that I failed technology 101 last night.  The link I included to sign up does not work.  If you copy and paste it into your browser, it does work, but I am trying again to give you a functional link.  

If you are willing to help out with feeding the masses, please follow this link:

Volunteer sign up - hospitality Piranhas swim meet

If there any further hiccups, you can email me at [email protected].

Happy Monday!



Hello Piranha's Families;

I am coordinating the food that will be provided to our volunteers and coaches at our upcoming swim meet. For those of you who have eaten at a meet in the past, you know that much of what makes the food interesting is what the members make at home and donate to the table. If you are new to being an official, breakfast and lunch are free for you! While the hospitality team can purchase enough pre-made food to feed the ~150 volunteers and coaches, we are hoping some of you would be willing to help give this event a truly delicious character. I don't want to make this a high pressure situation... I realize that a swim meet is intense enough. But... we love homemade food.

If you (or your older swimmers!) are able to make and donate homemade cookies, squares, muffins, loaves or salads, please sign up at the following link. To keep it safe, no nuts please.

As our lunch room does not have a fridge, we are also hoping that some of our families have a mini-fridge we can borrow for the meet. Even if mini-fridges are possible, we are looking to borrow the largest coolers on the planet, complete with ice.

In addition, to keep this feeding frenzy from being a complete environmental disaster, we are hoping that some of you would let us borrow your large, durable platters for us to use.

The following link is the place to go if you can help us out. We will consider your donations before we go shopping, so we can purchase appropriate quantities of food. To help with planning, could you please sign up before 12 noon on Thursday, May 17.

With much gratitude;

Lisa Preston; (on behalf of the rest of the organizing team... Adele, Heidi, Allan and Paula)

P.S. Be sure to label anything you want back. We would really like to return items to their owners at the end of the meet.

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