Piranhas 2023 pre-registration

Good evening Piranhas families. I would like to invite you to pre-register for the Piranhas 2023 swim season. To pre-register please read all instructions, visit the Piranhas website and go to Events. (www.cochranepiranhas.ca/swim_meets). Please use the 2023 piranhas pre-registration/intent to return event to declare the intent of your swimmer(s) to return to the Piranhas for the 2023 swim season. If you are returning please declare your swimmer as available. If your swimmer has siblings that have not swam with the Piranhas, but would like to, please use the coaches notes to let us know their name, age and gender. If you are returning, please etransfer $100.00 per swimmer to: [email protected]com, with a note indicating the swimmers names (first and last) that the deposit is for. Any question, please let me know.

Kevin Fitzsimmons Piranhas Swim Club Registrar
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