Regionals - warmup times, psych sheets and Provincials confirmation of attendance

Hi everyone - we're 2 days away from the big weekend ... Region E Regionals at MNP Place in Calgary.  The coaches are so excited and can't wait to see everyone compete this weekend.

Warmups on Saturday are from 7:20 to 7:40 am and on Sunday are from 8:20 to 8:40 am.  Please try to arrive a little bit before warmups start so your swimmers have time to adequately warm up.  We have 15 minutes of swimming and 5 minutes of diving; so its a tight timeline.  There will also be warmups in the afternoon but those times have not yet been published.

The way this weekend works is that everyone will swim in the morning sessions and then the top 8 swimmers in each age group/gender will swim again in the afternoon in the finals; so if your swimmer finishes 4th in their age group in preliminaries in the 100 IM on Saturday morning then they will swim again in the afternoon.  The order of events from AM to PM is quite similar with the exception of the addition of distance events which are not done twice.

Saturday morning will be the 1500, Saturday afternoon will be the 400 and Sunday afternoon will be the 800.  Relays are also only swum once and that is in the afternoon. If you have access to meet mobile you can see the events as well as rankings by age group on "2022 ASSA Region E Championship".  I am also including a copy of the psych sheets for each session to this message. (Psych sheets are just a listing of everyone entered in each event, ranked by time ... the heat sheets will be available on the HOME tab of our website at some point tomorrow.  We will send an update when those are available to download and print)

The results from regionals determine who gets to compete again at Provincials the following weekend.  In all but the 800 and 1500, the top 2 finishers automatically qualify for provincials.  There is also another way to qualify and that is through the "wild card" process.  What happens is after the top 2 from each of the 6 regions are selected, there are still lanes for 4 more swimmers to compete at provincials; so the system will select the next 4 fastest times and choose them as the wild cards.  It is quite common for our region to get 2, 3 or even 4 of the wildcard spots due to the competitiveness of our swimmers; so if your swimmer doesn't get an automatic spot, there is still a chance they can get one through the wildcard process.

Its really important that we know if your family does NOT intend to go to provincials.  If your swimmer finishes in the top 2 positions we need to scratch them by the end of the session on Sunday so that the next top finisher can get the provincial qualifier spot.  If we wait until the next day to scratch a swimmer then our region will lose that provincial qualifier spot and it becomes another wildcard spot which is available to all regions.

We will be verifying all our top 6 finishers in each event that they are wiling to go to provincials and will create a scratch list for swimmers that will not go to Edmonton August 12th to 14th.

It has been 3 years since we last competed at regionals and it is quite different from our regular invitational meets; so don't hesitate to ask questions if things seem confusing.  There are plenty of experienced parents in the stands that can help and we are also happy to answer questions.  As complicated as it may sound it is really pretty straightforward once you see it in action.  

If your swimmer qualifies for provincials and is going, we will continue to have practices August 8th to 11th.  For those that don't qualify for provincials or don't plan to attend, the last practice of the season will be TOMORROW.  Enjoy not having your dinner time plans disrupted for a change!!

The swimmers have been doing a great job and they are well prepared for this weekend.  It will be a lot of fun and we can't wait to see you all there!!

Coaches Amy, Bryson, Eli and Max

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