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Hello Piranhas!

I hope you are all doing well and are getting excited for Regionals! Bellow you will find a message from the Regionals Meet Manager (who happens to be our own Lisa Preston). I have also attached the meet package and a document outlining each club's duties at Regionals. To a large extent Regionals is just another meet, but there are some differences as well. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.




The official meet package for the Region E Championships can be found at Swimming Canada ( under the Events and Result tab on the sidebar. I have also attached it to this email. This technical bulletin includes a significant amount of information not included in the meet package. Please take some time to read through this email carefully, as this swim meet has some significant differences from the meets hosted by individual swim clubs. For many swimmers this event is a celebration of their progress through the season. For other swimmers it is a high pressure meet as they vie for entry into the ASSA Provincial Championships, so we request all spectors respect this pressure by staying aware of deck proceedings and cease their conversations/cheering at the start of each event.

Deck Access 
Swimmers, officials and volunteers will access the pool level via the competition (back) gate that faces the pool. Swimmers will be given a pass to identify themselves and need to take the pass with them when they go upstairs to allow themselves to re-enter. Officials and volunteers will be given wristbands for the session(s) they need to be on the pool deck for. Parents of young children (8 and under) will be allowed to take their child(ren) to their teams' area on deck, after which they must return to the viewing level. Parents will not be given access to the deck after the start of the meet. Up two 2 chaperones can be present for each club for each session, to ensure that younger children go to marshalling when called (we encourage sending one male and one female chaperone). Clubs are encouraged to pre-publish contact information for their chaperones to allow parents to communicate with these individuals. 
Swimmer Camp Areas 
Camp areas will be assigned relative to the number of swimmers in each club. Swimmers camping on the pool deck along the spectator side of the pool must not block access to doors along the wall and must leave a walkway available for movement. Swimmers are expected to leave their camp areas clean at the end of each day. Please leave crumbly foods (muffins, cakes) at home, or eat them upstairs. Please place any garbage in the provided garbage cans, or take it home.
Behaviour Expectations 
Disruptive behavior will NOT be tolerated at MNP Community & Sport Centre. This includes all areas on our premise, facility and in our parking lot. Disruptive behavior may include but is not limited to: rudeness, loud, vulgar and abusive language, physical abuse, and blatant disregard of MNP Community & Sport Centre policies. MNP Community & Sport Centre employees will follow our procedures which may include banning a disruptive individual for the rest of the day or up to a lifetime ban based on the severity of the conduct. Please report disruptive behaviour to the Meet Manager and Referee in addition to MNP staff. In addition to MNP rules, ASSA swimmers, their families, coaches, volunteers, and officials are expected to behave in a respectful manner during their interactions with each other and MNP staff. Disagreements with any aspect of the meet are expected to be raised politely and calmly. 
The ASSA and Swim Alberta have published the names of referees and starters for this swim meet. They are:
  • The last 5 minutes of each warm up block, all lanes become dive starts, with the exception of lanes 8 which will be for backstroke starts.
  • Please limit swimmers to 10 or less per lane.
  • Use outside lanes for your littlest swimmers.
  • AM warm up times are:
Saturday AM 1 7:00-7:20,

Saturday AM 2 7:20-7:40

Saturday AM 3 7:40-8:00

Sunday AM 1 8:00-8:20

Sunday AM 2 8:20-8:40

Sunday AM 3 8:40-9:00

  • PM warm up times will follow the same pattern as the morning of that day. Start/end times for warm ups will be announced at the conclusion of the morning session.

Warm Up Lane Assignments

Sat 1

Sat 2Sat 3 Sun 1Sun 2Sun 3
Lane 6



*Dive and Backstroke lanes can be used at any time by any team, not just the teams who have that warm-up slot.

**This lane is shared and is intended for the smallest swimmers on those 2 teams.

Region E AGM 

All are welcome to join the Region E AGM, which will take place on Saturday, about 15 minutes after the conclusion of the morning session. Bring your lunch to the Athletes' Lounge, located within the Foundation Room at the South end of the main floor. Access is to the right of Jugo Juice. Heat Sheets As per directions from the ASSA, official heat sheets for the Morning Sessions will not be released until after the late scratch deadline has passed, 30 minute prior to the start of each morning's events and after heats have been seeded. At this time heat sheets will be posted on meet mobile and a pdf copy will be sent to club presidents and coaches for distribution. Heat sheets will also be posted online on the main page of the Piranhas' website ( Afternoon heat sheets will be generated after the conclusion of the morning's events. Finals entries will be physically posted with the results, after the process for communicating, appealing and reviewing disqualifications has been completed and scratches have been compiled. These seeded finals heats may also be pushed to meet mobile when the clerk of course is able to. Finalists and Alternates should proceed to marshalling when called.

  • PLEASE NOTE: To help families discuss with their swimmers which event numbers they need to be ready for, Psych Sheets will be emailed to club presidents and coaches on Friday night, for distribution to families.
  • ADDITIONAL NOTE: The ASSA requests that we protect swimmer confidentiality when publishing information prior to the Psych Sheets noted above. For this reason, communications regarding the number of swimmers in each event will not include names, but will be in the form of an event report detailing the number of swimmers in each age group for each event. This information will be distributed to coaches on August 2 to allow them to add swimmers to events with fewer than 2 swimmers entered. Please follow the process outlined in the attachment to the email from [email protected] on July 25, 2022 to make these changes.


Medals will be presented for the top 3 swimmers in each age group on the entry level of MNP center after the conclusion of the finals session on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday's Relay medal may be presented on Sunday at lunch. Sunday will include aggregate awards for top point scored in each age category. The podium is located near the North entrance of the facility. Ribbons for swimmers who finished in places 4-8 in the finals heat will be distributed via the coaches. Please note that awards for 6&U swimmers will be considered in the 8 & under group as indicated below. Aggregate awards will also be presented on Sunday. 

6 & Under Swimmers 

As stated in the ASSA Regional and Provincial Guidelines:

  • The 6 & Under category will compete in the 8 & Under category and are eligible to advance to provincials as an 8 & Under Swimmer.
  • 6 & Under age group do not have finals and will be ranked as time final based on preliminary results only.
  • Time Standards outlined in the general competition rules for the 6 & Under age group apply.

Please note that the above may impact the advancement of swimmers in the 8&U finals. A swimmer that places 2nd in the 8&U finals may not be automatically advanced to provincials, as the times from the 6&U swimmers from the morning may bump that swimmer. Of course, Wild Card procedures may still allow for both swimmers to advance. The age groups for 8&U events will appear as follows:

  • 25 free 8 and under
  • 25 back 8 and under
  • 50 free 8 and under
  • 50 back 8 and under
  • 25 fly 7 and 8 (6 and under are not eligible for this event)
  • 25 breast 7 and 8 (6 and under are not eligible for this event)

Para Swimmers

Coaches, please identify para swimmers to the Meet Manager and Referee. Parking at the MNP Center Please let the parking attendant know that you are present for the Region E Championships Swim Meet. Parking for event participants is included in our rental contract. If the parking lot is full you may be directed to the overflow parking lot (Indigo) across the street. If this is the case a parking pass for the Indigo lot is required and will be distributed by one of the parking attendants upon entry to the parking lot, or as well these passes are available at the Customer Service Desk. We encourage you to take public transit if possible as the cost of using this overflow parking is in addition to our current rental agreement. Cars parked inappropriately (taking up multiple spaces, blocking other vehicles etc.) or illegally (in fire lanes, handicapped stalls without permit, not parked in designated stalls or parked in no parking areas, etc.), will be subject to ticket/tow. The car owner will be solely responsible for the recovery of their vehicle. 


Coaches, Officials and Volunteers may access a light breakfast, snacks and lunch in the Learning Room. Please do not share your portions with any swimmers, as it sets a precedent that can not be met in many circumstances. If you are an official who is only on deck during the afternoon session, please listen to the announcements to determine when you will be asked to eat lunch.  

If you have any questions, please ask! 

Thank you, 

Lisa Preston 

2022 Region E Championships Meet Manager

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