Swim meets, August schedule, last practice date, and more!

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Apologies for the barrage of emails lately (and for the length of this one), but we had a Piranhas board meeting on Friday and a Region E meeting yesterday, so I have a lot of information to pass on. 

Swim meets

We are going to have an actual swim meet! The Okotoks Stingrays have bravely decided to host an invitational meet on July 17th. 

In preparation for this we will host an unsanctioned mini-meet on Wednesday, July 14th. This will be a great way to shake out the cobwebs and will give first-year swimmers some experience before Okotoks. This will occur during our normal practice time plus one hour (5:30-8:30). More details to come.

Okotoks is also looking to host a second meet (a Summer Swim Festival) in mid to late August, and they are considering hosting it at the Turner Valley outdoor pool. As they firm up their plans I will communicate details. 

Depending on the timing of the second Okotoks meet, we will also look to have a second mini-meet in August.

Meet Fees

In the past meet fees were included in the price of registration; however, this year we assumed that there would be no meets when we made our budget. This allowed us to decrease the registration fee, but now that we will have meets swimmers who choose to go to the meets will have to pay the meet fees out of pocket. 

Okotoks said yesterday that the meet fee for July will be about $25. There are no meet fees for mini-meets.

Regionals and Provincials

The Alberta Summer Swim Association has officially canceled Regionals and Provincials. 

August Schedule

The August schedule is identical to the July schedule, but with no morning practices.

Season end date

Our last practice will be Friday, August 13th. 

As mentioned above, it looks like the second Okotoks meet will occur after this date. Once they set a firm date we will work with our coaches to determine how to ensure that our swimmers are ready for the meet. 



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