May Morning Espresso

Good morning everyone, 

Hope everyone is enjoying a weekend without a swim meet that is supposed to have some good weather! Just sending out a May review, stole the name from one of the newsletters I get because I thought it was kinda cute. 
It has been an amazing start to the season at the new pool! Its been awesome for us as coaches to have all the extra space that more lanes affords us. It helps a lot especially in the "wider: strokes like Breaststroke and Butterfly. Due to this I'd like to take this time to thank everyone who helped the club with our various fundraisers to help get the JBAC built. 
I cannot wait to see the results we can pull at the next few swim meets, everyone has been improving at an incredible pace! Just like to remind everyone that we need proper shoes for dryland (runners, no more flip flops please) as we do go outside in the parking lot. 
I would also like to take this time to recognize our swimmers of the month for May! 
Mackinley- For her outstanding work ethic and her never give up attitude. Her dives are amazing and she has really improved since the beginning of the season
Gavin- He always has a smile on his face and is always giving it his all! He is excited to try new things and has really improved his freestyle and breaststroke 
Olivia- For always showing up to practice on time and giving her all! She does a really good job interacting with the rest of the group and making sure everyone feels included. She is always listening really well and takes technical feedback and puts it into action right away 
Jacob- He is one of the hardest workers Ive had in a long time! He takes technical feedback extremely well and was the first one to dive properly in yellow, totally unafraid to just throw himself in the water

Travis- He works his butt off all the time! He is never not giving it his all which is amazing to see as a coach. He learns super fast, after watching me (Duncan) do a flip turn he was able to replicate it almost perfectly
Quinn C- Quinn has improved so much in her breaststroke this year! Its awesome to see people make such leaps and bounds. She also participates in the Swim mentor program and is invaluable to both myself and Steph 

Gold 1
Jake and Max- Not only cause of their races, they are consistent leaders in workouts and have awesome attendance

Gold 2 
Quin F- He is a massive leader both in the water and with the volunteer coaching. He is very dedicated to all things swimming and is always there to work hard no matter how tired he may be! 
Anjali- Has consistent attendance - and continues to improve her technique. Always working hard 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, Coach Duncan

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