Provincials information - rankings, region relay lists, warmups, etc.

Hi everyone,

For provincials we will switch to using the whats app group to communicate during the weekend.  In the off chance that not everyone is on that group, I wanted to send out one last message via email to ensure everyone gets this information.  I apologize that I am also sending this to families who are not attending provincials ... there is no easy way in swimtopia to specify certain families unless I manually build the list and not everyone has the same last name as their children; so its not always obvious who should receive the email.

SCRATCHES -  If you need to scratch from a relay please make sure you let us know ASAP.  There are very limited circumstances that will allow us to change out a relay and we would need time to file an appeal.  In most cases we will have to scratch the relay altogether which will directly affect 3 other swimmers on that team.

If your swimmer needs to scratch from individual events, please let me know ASAP so I can scratch them and an alternate can be informed that they will be swimming. 

On Swimtopia in the event tab if you look at the provincials meet you will see a number of files posted there.  I am also including them in this email.  They are:

Individual entries - the entries I sent in via team manager for provincials.  this will have every individual and relay event that your swimmer is entered in.  It will also list swims where your swimmer is an alternate but it does not differentiate between alternate and confirmed spot.

Team relay entries - the relays that are swimming at provincials.  These include each swimmer in the order they are swimming

Wildcard individual entries - the full list of individual events that will be hosted at provincials.  It is colour coded by provincial qualifier and wildcard qualifier.  Due to an error when they first put it together, some provincial qualifiers are listed as wildcard qualifiers.  its ok.  The important part is that the correct swimmers are in the race.  The top 8 times will swim in the pool closest to the large scoreboard and the next 8 times will swim in the pool closest to the dive tank.  If there are 9 or 10 swimmers in an event with 2 heats, the slowest 3 times will swim in the pool closest to the dive tank (e.g. if there are 10 swimmers, ranks 1-7 will swim in the pool closest to the scoreboard and ranks 8 to 10 will swim in the other pool).  The times listed are the times swam in finals.  Sometimes that is the swimmer's best time and sometimes it isn't.  Your swimmer will be seeded based on their regionals finals time.  There is a more detailed tab you can look at that shows the top 24ish times for each event.  You can use that list to find the top 3 non-shaded names to determine who the 3 alternates are (yes this is a pain and yes I had to do this to find our 10 alternates because no actual list of alternates was ever published/distributed to the clubs).  Also note that some of these pages don't have any shading at all for the 9-10 girls age group which makes it even harder to find the alternates.

This list has not been updated since yesterday; so its possible there are scratches and your swimmer may have moved up in rankings.

Wildcard relay entries - This is the list of all relays for provincials.  The same seeding rules apply as individual events (i.e. if there are only 9 or 10 teams in total, there will not be 8 teams in the faster heat)

Region Relay - Medley and Free - These list all region relay teams.  The first two teams are regions A and B; so you will need to scroll down to find the region E teams.  These teams were selected as: Medley - fastest time in the short fly, then short breast, then short back, then long free.  Free - fastest 4 times in the short free race (25 free for 8&U, 50 free for everyone else).  If your swimmer did not enter the short free they could not be selected for the free relay even if their best time is faster than one of the swimmers who was selected. 

These races will be on Friday after the conclusion of the 18+ 100 Back final.  I do not know what time that will be.  All we know is that warmups are from 11:30 am-12:30 pm on Friday and the 1500 starts at 12:45.

General meet info

Swimmers need a deck pass to access the deck.  One of the coaches will be outside on the steps leading into the Kinsmen prior to the start of warmups for each session until we have handed out all the deck passes.  Please do not lose this pass as we do not get given extras.

The meet is available on meet mobile as "2022 ASSA Provincial Championship". Once start times are published please keep in mind that the times are usually later than they actually occur because the meet is being run in 2 pools rather than just 1.

Provincials runs two pools concurrently. The heat of swimmers ranked 9th-16th starts first and then the heat of swimmers ranked 1st-8th starts in the adjacent pool. Swimmers can medal from either pool (meaning a swimmer initially ranked 9th-16th can finish 1st - 3rd overall). This is a bit different from a traditional ‘A’ and ‘B’ final where the best a swimmer in the B final can do is 9th place even if they are faster than swimmers in the A final. Makes for some very exciting racing!!

Races will alternate gender per age group; so for the 25/50 fly race it will go like this:

Girls 7&8 25 fly

Boys 7&8 25 fly

Girls 9&10 25 fly

Boys 9&10 25 fly

Girls 11&12 50 fly

Boys 11&12 50 fly

Girls 13&14 50 fly

Boys 13&14 50 fly

Girls 15-17 50 fly

Boys 15-17 50 fly

Women 18+ 50 fly

Men 18+ 50 fly

Sometimes there are not 2 heats of certain age groups (usually just the 18+ category). In that case, the women’s & men’s races will happen at the same time - one heat in each pool.

The 1500 and 800 only have 1 heat per age group; so for the 1500 there will only be 2 heats of swimmers.

Heat 1 - girls 17&u and boys 17&u

Heat 2 - women 18+ and men 18+

With only 2 heats it shouldn’t be more than 45 minutes for the 1500 to be finished; so if you have a swimmer in the 25/50 fly please make sure you are at the pool no later than 12:30 on Friday.

There are designated warm up and cool down lanes available throughout the meet (just like at regionals); so it’s ok if you can’t make it for the general warmup times for each session. The main drawback of missing the warmup time is that swimmers cannot practice dives outside of this period in each session.

For the 800 on Sunday afternoon there are 3 heats (11-14, 15-17, 18+) which will take 40-45 minutes maximum before the relays start.

We would like all free relay swimmers to come to the designated afternoon warmup time as the relays move along at a fast pace and we don’t want to be worried about trying to find anyone at the last minute.

Once I have our warmup times I will send out information via email so it’s easier to access than just in this chat. There are a lot of things that are a bit different at provincials and I will do my best to give everyone all the relevant information.

We are so proud of the swimmers, especially considering we have qualified 2 or more swimmers in every event (except the 1500 where we qualified 1 swimmer). It will be easy to find a piranhas swimmer to cheer on throughout the weekend!!


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