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    Head Coach

    Amy Swedlo - Black Group

    Amy has been part of the Piranhas' family since 2007, with all 5 of her children having been (or currently) a part of this awesome club. She has been a referee as well as past president of the club, region E representative on the ASSA board and the ASSA Website manager. She has coached the Piranhas since 2019 and this year is excited to be the Head Coach.

    Amy brings experience from coaching the Cochrane Water Ninjas Junior Lifesaving Club, the St Timothy Jr/Sr High School swim team as well as the Cochrane Masters.  In the off season she took her Swim 201 courses and is working on becoming a fully certified Age Group coach by the end of the 2022 season. She is passionate about swimming and is really excited to be working with all groups this season. Go Piranhas go!!

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    Assistant Coach

    Max Kruger - Orange Group

    Max first joined the Piranhas in 2010 and was a swimmer up till the 2021 season. During the 2021 swim season, Max helped coach the Developmental Program with Bryson and Eli, and it led Max to discover his love for teaching. Since then Max has taken his Swim 101 course and attended the University of Lethbridge to start the process of getting his Bachelor's of Mathematics and Education. Max swims with the Cochrane Water Ninjas Lifesaving Club during the winter, learning new techniques and drills which he can apply to his coaching. Max’s love for swimming has followed him all his life, and he is very excited to pass it on to the younger swimmers!

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    Assistant Coach

    Bryson Hammer - Red and Yellow Group

    Bryson started swimming with the piranhas in 2011. Last year he took his swim 101 course and coached the developmental group with Max and Eli. He loved the experience and is excited to coach the new and returning swimmers this year. Over the school year, Bryson swims with the University of Alberta Masters, and he hopes to apply some of the skills learned from that club to the piranhas this year.

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    Assistant Coach

    Eli Swedlo - Silver & Development Group

    Eli started swimming with the piranhas in 2011. Last year they took their swim 101 course and began coaching the development group with Bryson and Max.  They enjoyed it so much that they are back for more coaching this season!

    In the off season Eli has coached the Cochrane Sparks triathlon club and is excited to bring new drills and skills to the swimmers they will be working with.

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    Board Members 2024

    President Ryan Holly [email protected]
    President Elect Vacant
    Treasurer Kendra Marr Lange [email protected]
    Secretary Tara Thibodeau
    Registrar Kevin Fitzsimmons [email protected]
    Coaching Coordinator Jeff Smith
    Volunteer Coordinator Lynette Carnegie [email protected]
    Fundraising Coordinator Dipika Jain [email protected]
    Club Officials Coordinator Christine Bashow [email protected]
    Equipment Coordinator Katie Smith
    Media Relations Kate Johnson
    Meet Manager Lisa Preston [email protected]
    Event & Hospitality Coordinator Chantel Josiak
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    Board Members Roles and Responsibilities

    If you are interested in joining the Piranhas Swim Club board please reach out to the President. Positions are elected at the AGM which usually occurs in September. All Directors are required to attend Board meetings (roughly 8 a year) and the AGM (generally in September).


    • Oversees the smooth running of the club, including coaching, pool scheduling, home swim meets, and fundraising. 
    • Sits as an ex-officio a member of all Committees. 
    • Attends and leads board meetings.
    • Signing authority for the club.
    • Represents the club to outside stakeholders. 


    • Maintain three bank accounts: the regular account, the fundraising account, and the casino account.
    • Ensure that accounting procedures are followed.
    • Manage all financial transactions.
    • Prepare financial reports for board meetings and AGM.
    • Prepare and steward the budget.
    • Prepare reports, such as the fitness tax credit receipts and the annual return.


    • Take meeting minutes and Board Meetings and General Meetings.
    • Ensure minutes/paperwork are organized.


    • Manages the club's member registry.
    • Updates registration forms.
    • Point of contact for new swimmers and returning swimmers
    • Registers swimmers and coaches in ASSA database.

    Coaching Director:

    • Annually reviews and updates coach’s contracts.
    • Solicits, meets, and hires coaches for the season.
    • Liaisons between parents and coaches as needed.
    • Works with coaches to plan lane space and books lane space with the pool.

    Officials Coordinator:

    • Ensuring all club officials are registered on the Officials database.
    • Ensuring only active officials are listed in the official’s database.
    • Organizing officials’ clinics for team parent/volunteers.
    • Ensure Officials certification form is completed and forwards to the Region Officials Chairperson.

    Volunteer Coordinator:

    • Coordinates officials signup for swim meets.
    • Remind all officials that they will be required to help out at out of town meets
    • Ensures Volunteers are available for any Club events and maintains a record of volunteer points for each family.

    Fundraising Coordinator:

    • Ensures each swimmer fundraising commitment is tracked.
    • Organizes and coordinates fundraising events.
    • Attends board meetings.

    Media Relations:

    • Point of contact with media
    • Managers the club's social media

    Equipment Coordinator

    • Arranges competition suits
    • Works to find other clothing
    • Sources and acquires 

    Events and Hospitality Coordinator

    • Plans club events, including venue and food
    • Works with the Volunteer Coordinator to fill volunteer positions for events and committees
    • Leads the Hospitality Committee for the club's annual swim meet

    Meet Manger

    • Fulfills the role of Meet Manager at home meets (and therefore must be signed off, or able to be signed off, as a Meet Manager in the ASSA officials database)
    • Works with the Events and Hospitality Coordinator to arrange meet hospitality
    • Works with the Volunteer Coordinator and Officials Coordinator to fill volunteer positions for home meets
    • Acts as the primary point of contact for the pool for home meets

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