Regionals entries - individual and relay

Hi everyone,

Please find attached the regionals individual and relay entries.  There has been a lot of back and forth with parents/swimmers updating/changing events; so please let me know asap if there is a problem with what I have attached.

For the relays, there are two types.  The relay either has a "P" beside it or an "R only" beside it.  P means it is full of swimmers who have agreed that they are willing to come to provincials for a relay even if that is the only event they qualify for.  "R only" means there are swimmers on the team who have indicated that they are not willing to come to provincials if the relay team qualifies.

For an "R only" team, it is still possible to win medals and ribbons at regionals for the team, they will just not swim the following weekend at provincials even if they qualify.

Everyone who indicated that they are willing to go to provincials is on at least one "P" relay.

The entries will be submitted today.  I have until Sunday to make corrections.  Once the psych sheets are published on Tuesday I will no longer be able to make ANY changes to individual events except in very specific circumstances.  We can make changes to relays right up until before the afternoon session starts each day (in case someone is sick or otherwise unable to be on the team we can move people around).

On Thursday Aug 4th the final psych sheets will be available for everyone to see and I will make sure to send out a link to where you can find those.

I will be in Calgary for the next 4 days at the long course provincials as one of the  ASSA All Star coaches.  Aaron X and Ollie will be competing in 7 individual events and 2 relays over the course of the 4 days which is super exciting!

Bryson, Max and Eli will be covering the group 3 practices for the rest of the week.  A big shout out/thanks to them as well :)

We will have all scheduled practices on Friday and NO PRACTICES on Monday due to the holiday.  This is the last week of morning practices ... next week group 2 & 3 will only have evening practices as we continue our taper for regionals and provincials.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!
Coach Amy

p.s. I know in the individual events relay 50B appears twice but it is not duplicated on the list of relays; so I have no idea how to remove the second one!

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