Casino signup Oct 30/31 2019. First come first served! $200 credit per shift!

Hot off the press folks ... our casino dates are set for Wednesday Oct 30th and Thursday Oct 31st 2019.  We are providing a $200 credit towards 2020 swim fees for each shift worked.  Since there are only 34 slots and approximately that many families in our club, we are limiting each family to one slot until WEDNESDAY SEPT 11th at 7 pm.  After that time, you are welcome to select one additional slot on a first come, first served basis.If there are still slots available as of WEDNESDAY SEPT 18th at 7 pm you will be able to select a 3rd slot if there are any remaining.

I've included a link to the google sheet (

that you need to use to sign up for a slot.  If you are having trouble accessing the sheet, please let me know ([email protected]) and I can put you on the spreadsheet.

Please note that if you are signing up to be the General Manager, Alternate General Manager, Banker, Cashier or Countroom Supervisor you need to fill out the attached Casino Volunteer Worker Application ( and email it to KENDRA Marr Lange ([email protected]) as she will be sending our paperwork into the AGLC.  We would greatly appreciate if you could have these completed by September 2nd as they need to be sent to the AGLC

For the times listed for the evening positions, note that the chiprunner, cashier and banker can all leave once their job is complete.  The GM and AGM must wait until the countroom has finished and everything has been signed off (ie not all jobs require you to be there until 3 am).  Countroom shifts start later but also finish last.  There is no set time for when the shift will finish.  Depends on how busy it is that night.

Thanks for making it this far!  If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask  

Amy - casino chair

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